Every Challenge is an Opportunity to Build a Better Organization.

The AWL Group understands that every organizational challenge has both technical and human performance components. Both must be identified, clarified, and resolved in order to produce a complete, optimal solution. The technical components are usually the easier to identify - they're the "seen" or "known" problems or opportunities that invite immediate action - for example, systems changes or updates, competitive issues, or resource allocation problems.

The human performance components may be more subjective and are often "unseen" or "unknown." Yet failure to address these can completely sabotage the execution or implementation of a new solution. Human performance issues are caused by misalignments between people - where the affected individuals or groups become out-of-step with goals and objectives, or become disengaged in the process.

Addressing challenges fully means resolving the technical aspects, as well as leading and developing, and aligning people so they remain fully committed and engaged. While challenges and changes can be a source of uncertainty and fear, in reality they provide rich, fulfilling opportunities to keep workers engaged, excited, and enthused. The authentic leader views challenges as opportunities, as catalysts to fully engage team members.