Leadership at its Highest and Best.

The AWL Group brings a new perspective to the dynamic of leadership - one that starts with a completely new understanding of leadership and elevates it to an appropriate level of priority as a critical organizational growth strategy. We call it SUMMA LeadershipTM , and its principles are an integral part of every organizational challenge we take on. For those organizations seeking to develop a new or improved program of true strategic, transformative leadership, we teach the complete SUMMA Leadership system as a powerful catalyst to achieve peak organizational performance.

SUMMA Leadership is the antithesis of many common, tired, ineffective leadership tenets: it is not a secondary success strategy, but a primary one; not a passive influence, but an active and action-based motivator; not discretionary for peak performance, but mandatory; not exclusive to a few, but ubiquitous to all; not inherent, innate, or assumed, but teachable and learnable; and not ad hoc or episodic, but systematic.

In short, SUMMA Leadership is Performance-based. We understand that leaders are judged first and foremost on the basis of their performance in producing organizational success. The SUMMA Leadership model focuses leaders on action and performance, while building and integrating enduring, trust-based influence principles. This produces aligned teams, engaged employees, and a harmonious, "there's-nothing-we-can't-do" success-oriented organizational culture.

Sound like an organization you'd like to run?